Home Gives New Meaning To Merry Christmas

by Chris Cato

"As a little kid, we used to drive around on Christmas Eve and see the nicely decorated houses and I thought, you know, as I get older, I always wanted to do that," said David Fenley in front of his decked out home.

Some may think it's a little extravagant with the ferris wheel, while others say it's unique. One thing is certain, though. There's definitely Christmas spirit on the street.

David said, "We do go a little bit crazy on it, but Christmas is really about giving. It's not about the cost. This is just something that we can share with the community. We enjoy doing it, and I never tell her [my wife] about the cost anyway."

Those who drive by and stop seem to enjoy the sights and sounds of this holiday marvel, complete with a carousel, several Santas, snowmen, and even a group of elves. Some get out and snap pictures in front of the house as if it were the North Pole.

From the simple signs and lights to the unusual snowman driving a Powerwheel around in circles, each year, the Fenley family seems to add more to their wonderland. The latest addition is a home-built carousel, and there are continued plans for more additions.

Melissa Fenley, who says it's all her husband's doing, said with laughter, "He has hopes to put up a train one day. That might be the limit!"

With all of these lights, does it end up putting a strain on their electric bill? Yes, it costs about $100 extra a month, but it doesn't seem to stop this family from enjoying their Christmas creation.

If you would like to check out the home, go to the Idlewood neighborhood off Highway 69, just north of Lufkin, and take a turn down Pebble Creek Drive. You can't miss it.