Lufkin Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Suspects stole towing equipment

Lufkin Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Suspects stole towing equipment

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - Mid-day on a Tuesday, two suspects stole towing equipment from a busy Lufkin parking lot. Security cameras outside Academy on Brentwood Drive captured video of the crime and suspects.

The suspects are heavy-set white males. One wore a mechanics-style uniform shirt, shorts, and a baseball cap. The other suspect wore a blue t-shirt, shorts, white tennis shoes, and a baseball cap. The image included here shows the suspects' vehicle in the parking lot; it appears to be a dark-colored, late nineties model Ford Taurus.

Under the Crime of the Week section of, you can view portions of the security videos showing the suspects, their vehicle, and the theft.

After leaving the store, the suspect wearing the uniform shirt watched while the driver of the car, the suspect wearing the blue t-shirt, stole an Anderson Manufacturing adjustable-height trailer hitch from a truck they had parked next to.

This crime is nowhere near the most heinous ever committed, and some might think it is not worth Crime Stoppers time or reward money. Crime Stoppers chose to profile this case because that truck could have belonged to anyone reading this article and the opportunistic thieves among us need to know that Crime Stoppers and this community will not remain silent while they victimize.

If you can identify either suspect, call Crime Stoppers of Lufkin at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip at All calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward for information that leads to an arrest related to this crime.