Former SFA football walk-on Keavon Madison making national noise

Former SFA football walk-on Keavon Madison making national noise

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's the story line you often see in movies, but it's one that hits home for Stephen F. Austin football player Keavon Madison.

The senior defensive back has not had an easy road playing with the 'Jacks.

Madison started out as a walk-on with the team, where he said often times the coaches didn't even know his name. Now he is a nationally ranked starter for the SFA.

Madison is currently ranked fifth in the nation for pass break-ups, but has ranked as high as third in the nation. People beyond his coaches certainly know his name now.

As Madison looks back at his journey, he said he wouldn't have changed a thing.

"That was a very tough journey. Coming in here my freshmen year being a walk-on, nobody knows me at all, it was tough," said Madison. "I had to grind from the bottom by working out by myself, the coaches not even knowing your name, but now that I'm nationally ranked I really appreciate all the hard work that I did put in. I'm really thankful for having to go through that."

Although Madison didn't start his SFA football career with first-year head coach Clint Conque, Conque is well aware of Madison's journey.

"It is a great story of perseverance and dedication. Hopefully as the years go by under our regime, you'll see more and more young men like that, that come through," said Conque. "He's (Madison) certainly a self-made football player. He worked really hard, has the respect of his teammates."

Conque said Madison not only exemplifies what an athlete should be on the field, he also adds that Madison is just as dedicated to his studies. The defensive back has graduated and is in graduate school at this time.