Corrigan Bulldogs work to improve defense despite perfect season record

Corrigan Bulldogs work to improve defense despite perfect season record

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - It's a good time to live in Bulldog Country this football season, as Corrigan has been able to walk off the field every Friday night with nothing but wins under their belts.

Corrigan currently has a perfect 7-0 record on the season. In the AP Polls, the Bulldogs rank fourth in the state and are blowing by teams averaging over 62 points per game. Their lowest scoring game was against Hemphill last week with 52 points.

The one area the bulldogs are saying they want to improve on is their defense. Since their offense has been doing so well, defense hasn't played a huge factor in the outcome of their games, but the team said allowing over 28 points per game won't cut it come playoff season.

"It worries me a little bit but with as much as we've been practicing, we've been working hard and getting better at everything that we can do," said senior defensive end Dylan Parker. "We still got a while to go before we even get to the playoffs so we're just going to keep practicing hard and get better."

"Part of our problem defensively is that we're not playing with the same confidence that we are offensively," said head coach Seven Armstrong. "Offensively, we step on the field and we're a very confident football team. Defensively, we don't play with the same confidence. It's something that we've talked about, I've talked about it to the kids a lot, and we've got to make sure that we play with that confidence."

The Bulldogs said they have been challenged in a few of their games this season, but expect Friday night to be their toughest match-up. Corrigan will be playing Newton at home who also is undefeated in the district. The Bulldogs said they expect this to be the deciding factor for the district title.

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