Inmate indicted for allegedly sending sexually explicit letters to 3 San Augustine women

Inmate indicted for allegedly sending sexually explicit letters to 3 San Augustine women

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A San Augustine County grand jury indicted a Zavalla man already serving two concurrent eight-year prison sentences on three felony stalking charges in connection to allegations that he sent vulgar, sexually explicit letters to three women in that area.

“Vulgar doesn't adequately express the kind of vile things he said in these letters,” said Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham with the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office.

Cunningham said Eddie Lynn Bryan was already serving an eight-year prison terms from Angelina County for stalking a female realtor when the grand jury handed down the three felony stalking indictments. Bryan was also serving a concurrent eight-year term for an unrelated burglary charge.

Bryan allegedly sent the three women letters that went into graphic detail about the kinds of things he wanted to do to them, Cunningham said. The SACSO chief deputy said that Bryan had no prior personal relationships with any of the women he allegedly sent the letters to.

Cunningham said Bryan spotted a picture of one of the women in the “San Augustine Tribune” newspaper and sent a letter to her place of work. In addition, Bryan allegedly figured out that another of the woman was associated with a San Augustine furniture business and sent the letter or letters there.

The Texas Rangers assisted with the investigation, Cunningham said. He said a Texas Ranger interviewed Bryan at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit in Abilene and that Bryan confessed to sending the letters.

Cunningham said because of recent changes in Texas law, if a person sends a letter to a person that is considered harassing or tormenting more than once, it is considered stalking. In this case, the charges were upgraded because Bryan had already been convicted on another stalking charge.

Cunningham added that it would not surprise him if there are more indictments handed down from other agencies.

"I would encourage all of your listeners to call law enforcement if they have received one of these alarming letters," Cunningham said. "We feel that there are probably  more victims out there."

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