Holiday Shopping Brings Bargains

by Donna McCollum

With less than two weeks of shopping left until Christmas, shoppers and retailers are scrambling to meet each other's needs. This year, it may pay to procrastinate.

Beall's Department Store manager Mike Mayfield used his day off to cut prices. Mayfield explained, "We start reacting to merchandise that's not selling and reduce it. We came in early and reduced a lot of prices throughout the store."

There's no time for rest during the Christmas buying season. In retail business, you want to move merchandise when people are buying. Malls and stores are stepping up discounts. They're so good that ladies shop instead of eat during their lunch hour. They are drawn to racks of clothes with 50% off signs.

Another shopper is regretting a missed opportunity. Louise Grigsby said, "I waited too late to use the $10 off coupon, but I usually try to use the coupon and sales together."

The sales bring customers in. So does the weather. Retailers are looking forward to cold weather, which helps move the more expensive winter wear and allows Mayfield to really take a day off from work.