Lufkin woman arrested twice in two days

Lufkin woman arrested twice in two days

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin woman had back to back run-ins with authorities at the beginning of this week.

Authorities were responding to a drug activity in progress call on Monday. The suspect, Youlanda Whitaker, was in a silver buick parked in McCoy's Lumber lot. She was reportedly packaging what looked to be marijuana.

Shortly after, an officer noticed a vehicle matching the description of Whitaker's. The suspect and the driver, Frederick Ruth, pulled over near West Frank and Hill Street.

Whitaker then pulled into the daycare right at the intersection and entered the building. Employees said she did not have any kids to pick up and they had never seen her before.

She went into the restroom with a plastic bag while her accomplice went out of the backdoor.

When authorities went in the daycare, they found a gallon sized bag of marijuana in the trash can of the restroom.

Officers arrested Whitaker and her accomplice for possession of marijuana in a drug free zone. Whitaker posted a fifteen hundred dollar bond shortly after.

The very next day, authorities pulled Whitaker over in a routine traffic stop near Keltys and Wilson Street.

She was in different buick, riding with someone else, Vlenice Arline.

They were speaking to the officer threw a cracked window at first.  After the two let the window down, authorities had probable cause to search the vehicle because of the heavy marijuana odor.

Once again, authorities reported catching whitaker with a gallon sized bag of marijuana.

Officers arrested both suspects, Arline for possession of drug paraphernalia and Whitaker for the second time in two days for possession of marijuana.

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