Homeless Escape Cold Weather

by Donna McCollum

The homeless will be affected by this cold week. Monday night, G.O.D.T.E.L. Ministries' shelter in Nacogdoches expects to fill its last bed in the men's dormitory. Vacancies remain for women. Fortunately, there's still space available at G.O.D.T.E.L.'s Lufkin and Livingston shelters.

G.O.D.T.E.L. employee Michael Wood explained, "If we get full here, we'll refer them over there. If we have to, we can put some in the lobby or on the floor temporarily, for one or two nights at the most."

G.O.D.T.E.L. has a shortage of men's heavy coats and blue jeans. Donations can be dropped off at any of the G.O.D.T.E.L. shelters.