Cold Car Tips for Freezing Temperatures

by Ramonica R. Jones

Car winterization costs about 45 bucks. That's nothing compared to the couple thousand dollars it can take to replace an engine.

Darien Allred of Family Auto says, "At night, your vehicle doesn't get used and it gets to a certain temperature, and then the water inside the radiator will freeze up like ice, and it will expand, and that will crack the internal components of the engine."

If you can't winterize your car before the freeze, there is a way to take the guesswork out of potential damage that cold weather can do to your automobile.

"You can take a hydrometer, put it into the system, and draw up some of the antifreeze. The hydrometer will tell you exactly what the antifreeze in that system -- its protection level -- will be."

Freezes don't come along often in East Texas, but it's a good idea to follow basic tips for cold weather car care. Auto experts say that you shouldn't just jump in your car and drive off when it's cold outside. Let your car run for about a minute to warm up the engine and get the oil flowing. You should also have your tires and oil checked regularly for potential problems. That way, you can avoid getting left out in the cold this winter.

For more tips on winterizing your car, go to the Automotive Service Association website at