Authorities investigating wreck, shooting over go-cart on US 69 North

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office are investigating a wreck and shooting on US 69 North of Lufkin Friday morning which appears to have been over a man protecting his go-cart.

Capt. Alton Lenderman with the sheriff's office said someone ran their car into a ditch on US 69 North, just south of FM 2021, around 3:30 a.m. Another man was headed southbound when he saw the wreck in his rear-view mirror. That man turned around to check on it, but when he got closer, someone started shooting at him. Thinking it was someone in the wrecked car, he turned his Ford F-150 around and headed back north, then called 911 from the Polk's.

"It was kind of a calamity of events that started here," Lenderman said.

When deputies responded to the wreck, a homeowner from the area came out and said he had fired his gun because he thought someone was stealing his go-cart. He explained someone had stolen his go-cart before, and when he heard the wreck and the truck in the area, he fired his gun. There were three bullet holes in the pickup, Lenderman said.

"He sees a vehicle leaving the scene, and he shoots at the vehicle leaving the scene," Lenderman said. "Unfortunately that was just a Good Samaritan who had seen the accident happen and pulled in to see if the victim of the accident needed any help."

Fortunately none of the bullets hit the Good Samaritan.

Lenderman said deputies brought the home owner in for questioning but have not determined whether or not to file charges.

He said the person in the car has not been found.

"We need to find the owner of the vehicle and put this all together and find out if this was actually a burglary or what was really going on," Lenderman said.

"It's a fine line you walk there at what point you can start shooting things. You have to be in fear of your life," Lenderman said.

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