Jail Fight Investigated

by Donna McCollum

An altercation that happened last week between Nacogdoches County jailers and an inmate has led to both external and internal investigations. Brandon Rogers is facing two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer. He was being moved from the day room back to his cell when the fight began.

Rogers and jail employees Lieutenant Michael Kennedy and jailer Woody Jernigan were all treated and released at the hospital. Rogers' family says he was beaten even after being subdued.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss has asked the Texas Rangers to investigate. "I want them to do the investigation while I do the internal investigation to examine policy issues, and then we'll carry the matter to [the] Grand Jury and let them decide if any charges, if any should apply in this case."

Kerss has moved Rogers to the Smith County Jail to neutralize the situation.

Rogers was in jail for resisting arrest, but he was also facing numerous unrelated charges, including deadly conduct. Rogers' family has contacted the NAACP on the matter.