Legal Fight Continues

by Jessica Cervantez

Another legal fight is underway involving Robert Coney. He is the man who spent more than four decades in prison for a robbery in Lufkin he didn't commit. Coney now finds himself back behind bars.

One of Coney's attorneys was in Lufkin working to get Coney out of jail again. The attorney is trying to find out why the state of Georgia wants to keep the 76-year-old man locked up.

Coney was convicted of robbing a Lufkin grocery store 41 years ago. He was freed from prison several months ago, but re-arrested last month for escaping from a Georgia prison long ago.

His attorneys say there does not seem to be any proof he should have been in that prison in the first place.

Attorney David O'Neil said, "We have not been able to get any documents, or any governor's warrant from Georgia. I'm not sure if they don't have documents of his prior conviction, but we went to the governor's office, and we have not received any documentation on his court conviction from 1959."

Coney's attorneys plan to file for clemency with the Georgia parole board to get rid of the charges that he reportedly racked up in Georgia. They say Coney is in poor health.