The Search is on for a New Superintendent

by Ramonica R. Jones

Honesty, approachability, and accessibility are all qualities the ideal superintendent should have. Some don't believe these attributes matter, unless they also come with experience.

Lufkin High School senior Danielle Anderson says, "I think it should be somebody that's really successful and has a lot of input in the community; somebody that would like to see kids do better, because my brother and sister are going to be going to high school, and I want somebody that would really help them out."

Others want a superintendent who enjoys getting out from behind the desk, a district leader willing to get to know the people who matter most, the students.

"To know, really, what's going on. To know what they need to do to make stuff better, they're going to need to know what the students think and what the teachers think," L.H.S. senior Laura Sessun says.

Of course, students aren't the only ones with opinions. There were no parents at Thursday's meeting, but many of them have been involved in the superintendent search.

"We've had many parents, community leaders [give us feedback]," attorney David Thompson says. "We had many representatives of the faith communities, educators, teachers, who have been participating in the process."

The process is a long one. Gathering information for a profile is just the first step. Consultants are recommending board members take a look at potential candidates already working in the Lufkin school district, someone experienced in dealing with diverse populations who has a proven record of success.

They'll meet with the district once again next month. Board members will then use the information presented to develop a profile of their ideal superintendent.

If you'd like to have input on who the next superintendent of the Lufkin Independent School District will be, you may call David Thompson directly at 713-221-1415.