Young Drinking On The Increase

by Chris Cato

New surveys are showing young people starting to drink earlier than ever before. Drinking now often starts as young as 13.

It's not only in the U.S. A recent European survey shows about half of all girls aged 13 to 15 say they have not only had a drink, but have reported binge drinking. That survey showed more females than males are regular drinkers.

A Lufkin teen we spoke with says she doesn't think teen drinking is a major problem in East Texas.

Jahmekya Rusk, a 13-year-old, said, "There is someone in my class that thinks it's okay to drink. He thought it was cool, but I don't."

Alcohol experts we spoke with tell us a big concern now centers around the increased use of what are called "Alco Pops." Those are sweet-flavored alcoholic beverages. They're also seeing too many commercials glorifying drinking, and even lots of parents giving children their first drink.