Shooting On Bremond

Officer Randy Stallard of the Lufkin Police Department said, "they started throwing bats, objects at his car. Then he heard shots fired."

Juan Salece is lucky to be alive after what he says he's been through. About 2:30 Sunday afternoon, Juan told police he was driving down Bremond Ave. in Lufkin, when all of a sudden he says he was blocked in by two trucks. One that he recognized as belonging to a man he had a fight with earlier.

Stallard said, "he threw it in reverse and went about two blocks. Whipped around to try to turn around and one of the vehicles chasing him blocked him in."

Juan says the man in the truck fired a shot hitting the windshield. He says he had to ram his way out of the trap by smashing into the other man's truck. Juan went back home to call police.

Officers say they found who Juan said were the shooters, but something didn't match up.

Stallard said, "pretty much the exact opposite of what he said. That he came over, attempted to start a fight with them, he was brandishing weapons."

Police are still investigating the incident, but for now, no arrests have been made. What they do know is this: Juan and the other man have had trouble with each other in the past; and there were shots fired at Juan on Bremond, but they need more to go on before an arrest can be made.

Lufkin police are asking that if anyone has any information that could help piece together what happened Sunday afternoon, please come forward.