Lufkin ISD helps teachers and students cope with dyslexia

Lufkin ISD helps teachers and students cope with dyslexia

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A normal reading assignment was not easy for Kyler Shockley.

"We couldn't figure out why she was struggling, and the other kids were moving along," said her mother.

Though Kyler excelled in every other subject, her mother and first grade teacher knew there had to be a reason why she wasn't developing in reading.

"I get my words mixed up like "b" and "d", "w" and "m", "m" and "n." It also means I use one side of my brain to read," Kyler said

Kyler's first grade teacher discovered she was dyslexic.  This is a learning disability that affects nearly two hundred students in Lufkin. Soon after she began learning how to cope with dyslexia, Kyler noticed her younger sister, Kenley, was struggling to read as well.

"Oh my goodness, it's like we're twins or something, and I told mom, she's doing exactly what I was doing. I think she might be dyslexic," said Kyler.

This discovery led their mother to become a certified dyslexic therapist. Shockley says the classes are expensive, but now Lufkin isd is offering grants for teachers interested in learning about the disability.

Shockley says the district funded her certification.  It will also count as twelve hours towards her Master's at SFA.

"We're able to work with these children and give them the skills and strategies that they need to be able to cope with this disability," said Shockley.

The program has increased the number of dyslexia therapists to eleven in Lufkin isd, giving students who only needed the right kind of teacher, a chance to enjoy reading.

"It's everything to me. Having two children that are's near and dear to my heart," said Shockley.

Kyler and Kenley say that reading became much easier once they were diagnosed with dyslexia and taught skills to cope with the disability.

Kyler wants to go to A&M to be a dyslexic therapist herself.  She saw the difficulties her sister was having, and she wants to help students like them.

"She wants to reach out to others like her. That just warms my heart and makes me so proud of her."

Kenley loves to read now, and her favorite books are about "Biscuit the Dog." 

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