Authorities nab suspected Brookhollow burglar with IV in arm

Authorities nab suspected Brookhollow burglar with IV in arm

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Authorities have arrested a man who appeared to have gotten away with a vehicle burglary in the Brookhollow subdivision a day after the crime occurred.

The arrest ends a saga in which the man was caught walking around the neighborhood with an IV in his arm and a police officer giving him a ride, even though it is believed he had stolen merchandise in his backpack.

It began Tuesday at 6:59 a.m., when an officer was dispatched to Columbine Drive in reference to a suspicious person in the area. The caller said a man was in his driveway but left before the officers arrived. The caller said he had an IV in his arm and seemed confused.

The officer found the man near a house at the corner of Paintbrush Circle, who provided a false identification, according to the report.

While the officer spoke with the man, he said he had a Memorial Hospital band on his wrist and an IV still in his left arm. The man told the officer that he was released from the hospital a short time ago and was trying to go home. He said he was lost because he did not know the area. He said he had moved to a home off of State Highway 103, east of the city limits. He said he did not know the address because he had only been living there for three days.

The officer gave the given information to dispatchers so they could check for an identification card. He also asked them call the hospital to see if he had been released. The dispatcher said the hospital said they had recently released him.

The officer said the suspect had a backpack and an extra pair of brown shoes lying on the ground where the officer had located him. He was also eating Cheez-It crackers out of a bag. The officer said the man said he had clothes and an extra pair of shoes because he did not have a car.

The officer decided to give the man a ride to Brook's Grocery on Highway 103.

At 8:49 a.m., a woman called and said her son's Chevy Silverado was burglarized. She said her son, who lives on the 200 block of Paintbrush Circle, called her from school and said her truck had been burglarized. He said he realized when he left for school that it had been burglarized, but did not know if anything was missing, just rummaged through.

He also told his mother he saw three officers talking to a man, but did not stop and tell them his truck had been broken into. When he got to school, he realized his backpack with his books, a bottle of cologne, and a pair of boots were missing from his truck.

When the officer realized the suspect he was talking to was wearing the boots and backpack described, the officer checked for an address on the name given. The dispatcher did not have one, so they called the hospital. They realized they had heard the dispatcher wrong the first time and thought they asked about an Adrian Herrera, who police determined was the real name of the man.

The officer looked at a photo of Herrera and determined that was the man.

The officer went to Brook's but could not find him.

Around 10:41 p.m. Tuesday, an investigator with the sheriff's office called police and said he had Herrera in custody. An officer wen to the sheriff's office and recovered the stolen items.

Herrera is charged with burglary of a vehicle and failure to identify.

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