Last Minute Shoppers Scramble to Find the Perfect Gift

If you want to save money, it's a good idea to wait until after Christmas to do your holiday shopping...unless you're buying jewelry.

"There are more deals the closer it gets to Christmas, especially in the jewelry industry," says Mildred Freeman of Friedman's. "We have our best deals before Christmas."

Don't worry about missing out on the best deals, Friedman's plans to be fully stocked throughout the entire holiday season.

"We are restocking and we're getting the merchandise to make sure our customers can have a lot to pick from," Freeman says.

Aero Postale is new to the Lufkin Mall, but word of mouth is keeping the store busy all day, every day.

"We've had a great response to the store," manager Amanda Ives says. "Customers have been shopping frequently. We see a lot of repeat shoppers already, which is really good because we've been open almost three months."

Even with a store full of customers, there's no shortage of gift ideas.

"We have a great variety," Ives says. "We're getting shipments daily. We have lots of sizes [and] selections are still strong."

This is the first year Bath & Body Works has slashed its prices for the holiday season. With so many shoppers taking advantage of the store's Christmas discount, it probably won't be the last. There's plenty to choose from for everyone on your list.

Sales leader Amanda McFarland says people are buying "Teacher gifts, bosses gifts, co-workers, things like that, because they're under $10 with the 25 percent off."