Local Police Attempt to Issue Amber Alert Warning

by Jessica Cervantez

Two Nacogdoches children are safe after being kidnapped over the weekend. Authorities were trying to launch an Amber Alert when the children were rescued, but the missing children did not qualify for the state-wide alert system.

29-year-old Dylan Madkins was arrested after he allegedly took two Nacogdoches children Saturday evening. An Amber Alert was in the process of being issued for the children, and while locally it was called an Amber Alert, it didn't meet the criteria to be issued as an Amber Alert statewide.

Greg Sowell, with the Nacogdoches Police Department, said, "The children have to be under 18-years of age, there has to be enough information about the suspect or vehicle to be put out statewide. There also has to be a clear threat of serious bodily injury or danger or death to children."

The children went to the store with their aunt and Madkins. While the aunt was in the store Madkins took off in the car with the children. Three hours later he returned them to their mother.

Sowell said, "Apparently there were no threats of violence or serious bodily injury."

While it was a happy ending for the family, Officer Greg Sowell says parents can never be too careful. It is important for them to carry current photos of their children and keep a close eye on them.

Sowell said, "Time is important to parents, they need to notify law enforcement immediately."

And of course children need to remember to stay away from strangers.

Sowell said, "Screaming and yelling is the best defense, yell 'fire' instead of 'help.'"

Nacogdoches police say it was the first time they have ever tried to issue an Amber Alert locally.

Madkins has been arraigned. He faces several charges including two counts of kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, and marijuana. The case is expected to go to grand jury sometime next year.