Early Voting numbers in East Texas show pride in both Republican and Democratic parties

Early Voting numbers in East Texas show pride in both Republican and Democratic parties
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With the 2014 election just a few days away, voters have shown up in good numbers to vote early this election season.

This uptick could be linked to pride in both the Democrat and Republican parties.

All week, voters have been coming to the Angelina County Courthouse Annex making their voice heard.

"We have had about 2,000 more registered voters this year," said Angelina Co. election administrator Midget Sherman. "Both parties have been out actively registering people to vote. We have several deputy voter registrars out there that are registering people to vote through our office consistently."

Sherman said 8,000 voters have cast ballots. In Nacogdoches County, officials said 5,300 voters have voiced their opinion.

Those watching the race on both the Republican and Democrat side said the numbers aren't anywhere where they want them to be, but they do say party pride is, and that's going to be the determining factor come election night.

"They're not going to have some of the Republicans elected and some of the Democrats elected," said Angelina County Republican Chairman Bob Flournoy. "It will either be all Republicans or all Democrats."

"I think the Democrats are showing up in strength more than they have in previous years," said Angelina County Democratic Chairman Jim Wark. "Both parties basically have the same type of campaigns they are running."

Wark and Flournoy both said the reasoning behind the straight party tickets is people looking more at the national stage than the local races.

"Statewide the pride shows in the candidates we are running," Wark said.

"It's generally due to what's going on in Washington," Flournoy said. "It filters down to all the races."

Both men admit that the next few days will be really interesting for Texas politics.

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