Taxes are the primary focus for 2 candidates in Nacogdoches' Co. commissioner race

Taxes are the primary focus for 2 candidates in Nacogdoches' Co. commissioner race
Sandy McCorvey (Source: KTRE Staff)
Sandy McCorvey (Source: KTRE Staff)
Jerry Stone (Source: KTRE Staff)
Jerry Stone (Source: KTRE Staff)

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches County taxes and how much higher they can get are a concern of both candidates running for county commissioner for Precinct 2.

Democratic candidate, Sandy McCorvey said he knows the bottom line is important when owning a bail bond and U-Haul business. He's now wanting to watch the spending at the county level.

"That is an area that is going to get a lot of attention from me to say how is it that we can generate other streams of revenue, so that it's just not all coming from tax, tax, tax," McCorvey said.

McCorvey worked out a payment plan for his own delinquent property taxes. The question is can he manage taxpayer dollars when he had trouble with his own.

"The taxes are current. They're paid," McCorvey said. The thing about taxes though, my position is that we're going to fight to lower taxes. We are going to fight hard."

McCorvey stopped short of making no new taxes a political promise.

"We have to make sure that raising taxes is the last resort and then if it's necessary, then fine, I'm okay with that," McCorvey said.

The tax issue is high on the political agenda for Republican candidate Jerry Stone. The retired law enforcement officer believes the county should operate within its means.

"I'm not saying if I was elected, I wouldn't look at raising taxes," Stone said. "What I am saying is I feel like the county should be able to operate with the money they receive."

Stone said he wants to take a close look at spending on the Civic and Exposition Center.

"They were three months into the budget last year, and it took quite a bit of money to balance it out in December, and that kinda concerns me," Stone said. "I think we need to look at ways in which to increase the revenue. I don't think that there shouldn't be any day that passes out there that somebody is in there taking advantage of that facility."

Both candidates are working to get their messages out. McCorvey goes door to door, but he also conducts phone banking.

Stone continues to put miles on his vehicle stopping to talk to as many voters as time allows.

"We probably burned four or five tanks of gas just inside Precinct 2," Stone said.

It's a big precinct with a diversified population. It's to both candidates advantage to get out the vote.

Early voting ends Friday. The general election is Tuesday.

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