Belt wins 2nd World Series, Hudson is proud

Belt wins 2nd World Series, Hudson is proud

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - The Hudson head baseball coach, Glen Kimble, said as soon as he saw Brandon Belt throw a ball, he knew Belt was the real thing.

Belt and the Giants won the World Series again this year, and Belt's team back home are proud.

"It's been one of those experiences...getting to know him, coach him, watch him grow, and become the player he is has been special." said Kimble.

What was even more special than the notoriety Belt has built through baseball and his two World Series rings, is the relationships he's kept with the people in Hudson.

Kimble said, "We text back and forth. He'll text back from the dug out and after the games."

For that reason, Belt's jersey and pictures are hanging in Hudson High School. It gives today's Hornets the hope that with hard work and dedication, dreams can come true.

Belt's former teammate, Tanner Hines, said, "It's kind of cool for them to see someone from here make it. It's not just on TV but someone they see in person."

Kimble says that Belt gives back. He not only calls to see if they need anything, but he even comes and pitches with the Hornets.

Belt's coach and former teammate have vivid memories of Belt playing on the Hornet field.

"He was first to arrive at the ballpark and the last to leave," said Tanner.

Hudson rooted for Belt all the way. They even took an eleven hour road trip to watch Belt play in the World Series.

Now, they are waiting to celebrate when he comes home and see his ring.

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