Restaurant Report: - Nacogdoches - 10-30-14

Lucky Stop at 1324 South Street: 13 demerits for four canned products needed to be discarded, cooler needed to be cleaned, commode didn't properly dispose toilet paper, thermometer needed for cooks, coolers, and freezers, microwave not kept clean and sanitary, scattered trash outside needed to be picked up, vents not kept clean, soft drink spill needed to be cleaned up, shelves not kept clean and clutter free.

Adeel's No. 6 500 East Main: 10 demerits for use-by dates needed, paper towels or hand dryer needed for hand wash sink, visible thermometer needed for milk and sandwich cooler, cooler and freezer in back room needed to be cleaned out, and water spillage needed to be cleaned up.

Casa Tomas at 1514 North Street: 10 demerits: Back preventer needed for outside hose, prep cooler needed to be repaired, cold hold at wrong temperature, ice scoops needed for to be in clean container, areas of ice maker and other equipment needed to be repaired, floor needed to be fixed so that it's smooth and easily cleanable, lids needed for dumpster, and old equipment needed to be hauled off.

Dickey's BBQ Pit 3505 South Street: 9 demerits for paper towels needed for all hand sinks, one thermometer needed to be re-calibrated, and one knife with a broken tip needed to be replaced.

Taco bell at 1605 North Street: 7 demerits for coolers and freezers not kept clean, wiped down, and sanitary, solid foods dumped into mop sink, floor areas and walls not smooth and easily cleanable, and storage areas near bathrooms not kept clean.

JNK Food Mart No. 3 at 1930 Douglass Road: 7 demerits for several expired dairy products, bucket of filling not stored properly, ice scoop not kept in clean container, vents not kept clean, and vent-a-hood area not kept clean and wiped down.

Mike's Barbecue House at 1622 South Street: 6 demerits for one spray bottle needed to be re-labeled, test strips needed, and ceiling drywall needed to be repaired.

Starbucks North Street Location at 2021 North Street: 4 demerits for one milk needed to be discarded.

Burger King-South Street at 3819 South Street: 3 demerits for cap needed for spray bottle and side of prep freezer needed to be cleaned.

Subway at 2721 South Street: 0 demerits.