Lufkin High School student makes history after getting top honors

Lufkin High School student makes history after getting top honors

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One Lufkin High School student has earn some major bragging rights after achieve something that no one in his school has ever done before.

Sebastian Ortiz is at the top of his class at Lufkin High School. The senior recently receive a top honor that no one in his school has received before.

At the age of seven Ortiz and him mom moved from their home in Columbia to Tyler Texas.

"My mother wanted me to have better opportunities in life," said Ortiz

He said the adjustment was hard at first. His mom went to school during the day and worked as a waitress at night.

He remembers going to work with his mom on numerous occasions and shares one moment that was priceless.

"She was cutting green beans and I saw there was a mountain of green beans before here," said Ortiz.

Feeling bad for his mom he went to help her and said that this particular task taught him a valuable lesson.

"At the end of it our hands were hurting," said Ortiz. "They were cramped from all that cutting and I realized that this is what my mother goes through every day. She works tremendously hard every day."

Watching his mother work is what pushed Ortiz to do well in school.

Ortiz has been number one is his class all four years of high school by making straight a's and getting high scores on achievement tests.

Sheila Adams spokesperson for Lufkin Independent School District said Ortiz hard work has definitely paid off.

"What's amazing about Sebastian is not only is he a Commended National Scholar but he is also in the Hispanic National Recognition Program and this is a first for Lufkin High School," said Adams.

She further explained what's truly amazing about Ortiz is that English is not his first language.

Ortiz was one of five students at Lufkin High School to received the National Hispanic Recognition.

Also, in September he was one of four student commended for National Merit Scholar from LISD. About 1.5 millions students take the test and only 34,000 are commended. He said he hopes his honors will help him get a scholarship at a college on the east coast

"For me it's never been a competition. I have just tried to do my best," said Ortiz.

So his mother's sacrifices wouldn't go to waste.

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