East Texas game wardens prepare for start of 2014 deer season

East Texas game wardens prepare for start of 2014 deer season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This weekend is a weekend hunters have had marked on their calendars for months.

Saturday is the official start of deer season, and while the hunters will be going to the stands looking for that perfect kill, law enforcement will also be heading out. Game wardens will be making sure everyone is following the law. Game Warden Tim Walker said they will have a busy weekend.

"Every county road that has some property on it that has a deer on it will have somebody hunting," Walker said. "We will be in full force. It will be very busy. We will get started before daylight and it will be dark when we get home."

The goal of the wardens is to make sure hunters remain safe and follow all the guidelines.

"It is up to each hunter to be aware of the limits for that particular county they are hunting in, because each county may have different season dates, bag limits, or different dates you are allowed to take does," Walker said.

Walker said the main guidelines for hunters to follow is having a valid license, being certified, and being where you are supposed to be.

"It's pretty common for us to get calls from people on opening day of deer season that someone is in their deer stand," Walker said. "They have walked up on a deer stand or another hunter that shouldn't be there."

Violations can range anywhere from a small fine to a felony. Game wardens say their weekend will be non-stop of enforcing rules but they are also there to help.

"State game wardens are public servants, so what we encourage people to do is to call us. Either call your sheriff office or if you look on your license there is a 1-800 number you can call," Walker said.

Walker said they take all these steps so everyone can have a safe and happy season.

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