Runners 'Race for Success' to benefit Lufkin program

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Around three hundred runners laced up their tennis shoes early this morning, but this run was different.

"We had people come from Houston just to be in our race," said Ashlyn Cole, a board member of Junior Achievement.

Runners donated money to run in a race that benefits the Lufkin Junior Achievement program.

The race was named 'Race For Success.'

Junior Achievement is a non-profit program for students. It focuses on life skills. These are skills organizers say are seldom taught in the classroom.

"It's not the everyday textbook learning. This is real life skills that you use,"said Cole.

Cole is a former student of the Junior Achievement program.

She said, "Back then, I didn't know how important it would be."

She is now a board member and volunteer. Cole says it is important for her to be part of the program because she remembers what it did for her.

Cole said, "It's not just your teacher giving you advice. It's someone talking to you who is in the business. I think they listen more if it's someone else giving them advice. I think that makes a difference."

Runners from all over the state were able to choose between three races. The winners received various awards. They say the biggest award is being able to give students a better future.

Junior Achievement is at every school in Angelina County. All proceeds from the race went to help increase the number of classrooms that can get the Junior Achievement experience. It's an extra push to a successful finish.

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