Roof collapse at Nacogdoches apartment complex

Roof collapse at Nacogdoches apartment complex


A couple of Nacogdoches resident spent the day without water and electricity after their roof collapse. The incident happened Sunday afternoon at the Northpark apartments at the 2800 block of North Street .

Debra Coleman spent her Sunday afternoon cleaning her apartment.

“The water started coming down from the ceiling so I ran to my neighbors and knocked on the door,” said Coleman.

Coleman said she then grabbed a bucket to prevent further damage from happening but there was little that she could do.

"Within minutes the whole ceiling came down,” said Coleman.

Feeling helpless Coleman then called 911.

"That's the only thing I knew  to do,” said Coleman.

Minutes later emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

According to Northpark apartment manager Jessica Hammarbeck, emergency responder found that the pipes had busted.

“Crew then immediately evacuated the building and shut off both power and water lines,” said Hammarbeck. “The incident was due to weak junction and corroded lines that had been switched off. The excesses pressure switched is what caused the pipes to bust.

Hammarbeck said once everyone was let back into the building the apartment staff went into overtime helping residents clean up. Coleman and others were then relocated to other units on the site.

“We are still monitoring the situation and making sure that the tenants are comfortable,” said Hammarbeck.

The apartment are still investigating the incident.

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