Four Arrested in Basketball Brawl

Monday night, four people were arrested in two separate fights at the basketball game between Lufkin and Nacogdoches high schools. Police say some fans were making threats, shouting obscenities and being just plain unruly. No one knows what started the fights, but fighting among fans happens more often than you think.

Lufkin Country Club manager Danny Leatherman says, "I think it's becoming more common. Look at the NBA, kids are really persuaded and swayed by what they see on TV and what they see professionals do."

Coaches say unsportsmanlike conduct doesn't just apply to athletes. Some call the basketball brawl an isolated incident and a poor reflection on the fans, not the game so many East Texans love.

"I think it's just a general disrespect for human beings," says Kevin Hurley, Diboll High School's head boys' basketball coach. "When we were younger, respect was something that was taught, and I think that's where we're missing the boat with kids these days."

Police arrested 19 year-old Markeshia Blake, 20 year-old Belinda Myers, 39 year-old Janice Myers and 26 year-old Quanos McKind after Monday night's fight. They also arrested a minor, who was later released to her parents.

Charges include interfering with a peace officer's duties and disorderly conduct.