Fireworks Season is Now Underway

Fireworks season kicked off this week. If you plan to light up your holidays with a few sparklers, we have some tips to keep you safe.

New Year's Eve is a popular holiday for fireworks, but they can only be used outside the city limits. Most firecrackers are cheap, loud and colorful. They can also be deadly if you're not careful. The legal age limit to buy fireworks is 12, but adult supervision is recommended.

Here are some helpful hints to keep your fireworks display from turning into a disaster: Read and follow all warnings and instructions before igniting firecrackers; never allow children to play with or ignite them; and before you set them off, be sure no one else is nearby.

You should only light your fireworks on a smooth, flat surface that's away from your home, dry leaves and flammable materials; you should never try to relight fireworks that didn't fully explode; and keep a bucket of water nearby just in case something goes wrong.