Patients Concerned about Latest Pain Pill Scare

Yet another medication has health officials concerned about your safety.

Naproxen, which is used in the popular over-the-counter drug Aleve, is believed to cause problems when taken in high doses. Local doctors say not enough research has been done to determine how dangerous the drug is. They've been flooded with phone calls from concerned patients wondering if they should stop taking the medicine. Doctors are especially concerned about arthritis patients who rely on certain drugs to relieve pain.

"The fact is, we don't know what the final outcome will be," family physician Dr. Rick Martin says. "It is good to discuss with patients so that they do know that there possibly is a risk factor. They can make that decision based against their quality of life and how much pain they have."

Just recently, both Celebrex and Vioxx also made headlines because of potential health risks.