Travel Safely

by Jessica Cervantez

The Department of Public Safety is working to reduce the number of deaths on Texas roads this holiday season. To help cut down on the number of fatalities, Texas troops will be out in full force.

The roads will soon be packed with travelers trying to get to their destinations. And once again, the Department of Public Safety will be participating in "Operation Care," which stands for "Combined Accident Reduction Effort" to make sure you get to where you're going safely.

Trooper Greg Sanches, with the Department of Public Safety, said, "We're asking people to refrain from drinking and driving and to obey the speed limit."

As more and more people get on the road you need to be even more careful.

Sanches said, "When you're driving during the holidays, there are so many people out and unsure of where they are going and what to do, so you have to be a good defensive driver. Make sure and use your headlights and get plenty of rest before you begin driving."

Cooler temperatures are headed our way, and you're encouraged to stay off the road during icy conditions, but if you have to drive you're encouraged to slow down.

"You have to slow down. Remember you can't steer quickly or break hard, you have to ease into the breaks. The number one thing is the speed and you have to allow enough room between you and other drivers."

Over the holidays, more and more patrol officers will be on hand, making sure everyone is obeying the law, to make your holiday a happy and safe one.