Watch Your Signs

by Jessica Cervantez

Something you may want to keep in mind on your holiday travels is a law that few people know about, known as "right is right." If you don't let people pass you on the highway it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

For those of you who are traveling during the holiday you need to be very careful, not only for the weather, but to obey the laws when you're on the road.

Trooper Greg Sanches, of the Department of Public Safety, said, "Anytime in Texas if you have a lot of lanes a lot of times you'll see a sign that says 'left lane passing only.' The sign has to be posted to let the driver know that when you're driving you can only drive in the left lane if you're passing, then you need to get back over into the other lanes."

The left lane is the passing lane, not the fast lane. And if you get caught driving in the passing only lane, you could face a $200 fine.

Sanches said, "It is to keep that area clear and it helps for emergency personnel as well."

You will not find those signs in East Texas, but if you are traveling out of town chances are you will hit the "left lane for passing only" sign. Even if you don't see that sign there is one sign you will see.

"In Texas, we do have a law that has always been in the books, slower traffic drive to the right. So, you know if you're driving slower than anybody else you don't want to impede the traffic, you need to move over to the right and observe the law as well," Sanches said. "That is the whole idea is to keep traffic moving at a good flow and it keeps the traffic down."

Sanches says you never know what the weather is going to bring you, which is why it is important that you pay close attention to the road and the signs,