Threatening Phone Calls Under Investigation

The sound of a ringing phone causes a hesitation to pick up the line for over 20 Nacogdoches area women. They've received life threatening calls from most likely the same man.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss described that, "Usually the caller says some variation of ,'Don't hang up the phone, or I'll kill you. I know where you live,etc'."

Nacogdoches Police Department's Greg Sowell said, "The calls are usually sexual in nature."

Investigators believe victim's names are taken from a Nacogdoches phone book. In many cases, the numbers called had both the man and woman's name listed. This allowed the harasser to personalize his conversation.

The calls are collect calls. The man identifies himself as 'Mike'. The common name is why the women are agreeable in accepting the calls. One victim said, "Everyone knows a Mike."

Thanks to Caller ID investigators know the calls originated from phone booths. The first calls were placed from Houston. Then this weekend the caller moved to Conroe.

So what should you do if you receive a call? Kerss said, "The simplest way to defeat this scam is if you don't recognize the name of the individual that's calling you collect is don't accept the charges." And then notify authorities that you suspect a harassing phone call. Documentation of the callers cheap thrills is being kept for federal, state and local investigators.