Election Day comes with increasing rain chances

Election Day comes with increasing rain chances

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - After enjoying a long stretch of cool and dry weather for the past couple of weeks, some wet weather will finally be returning to East Texas, just in time for Election Day.

If you have not voted yet, but plan on going on Tuesday, I would highly recommend you go during the first half of the day. By the time we head towards the latter half of the day, rain showers with a few embedded rumbles of thunder will start to move in to the Piney Woods.

A stream of moisture from Hurricane Vance in the eastern Pacific will merge with an approaching cool front to generate some widespread, soaking rains over the next day-and-a-half.

The rain will start on Tuesday evening and become more widespread through the overnight hours and will continue through the entire day on Wednesday.

Rainfall totals between Tuesday evening through Thursday morning will range from one to three inches on average, with a few spots possibly receiving as much as four inches of rain.

Even though we are talking about a few inches of rain falling with our next system, the flood threat will be relatively low. This is in large part due to the fact we have a dry ground and also because the rain will be spread out over a 36 hour time span.

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