County Judge race heats up in San Augustine

County Judge race heats up in San Augustine

The race is heating up for the San Augustine County judge position. In the last election, the incumbent lost the race by a handful of votes.

Randy Williams is running against Samye Johnson, the woman who replaced him four years ago.

Williams was county judge from 2007 to 2010. In 2010, Williams lost his seat by just six votes to Samye Johnson.

Williams said the citizens of San Augustine County should vote for him because of his proven track record.

"As I took that office, they were financially broke," Williams said. "They were over a million and a half in the red and had been that way for a while. The first 18 months I was there, I worked with the budget, and we were able to turn that around."

Williams said the county can't afford another four years of Johnson's leadership.

Johnson said she won't address Williams' attack. However, she did say when she came into office she noticed the county was undeveloped in several areas.

"So we went to Stephen F. Austin University and partnered with them to have a study done to identify these issues," Johnson said.

The survey showed that improvements needed to be made across the board. She said the data collected was used to develop key programs that were vital to the well being and growth of San Augustine County. This is where the budget was spent. Recently, the county purchased a building to house the HUD program, which stands for Housing and Urban development.

"It will have social services, job training and family services," Johnson said.

The building will open in January, and Johnson said resources like this are vital to the citizens' wellbeing.

"It's important to get citizens to make a transition from poverty to self-sufficient tax payers," Johnson said.

Johnson is hoping to be re-elected, so she can continue to serve the citizen on a more personal level.

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