Pollok native Chase Ford records first NFL touchdown with Minnesota Vikings.

Chase Ford caught his first career touchdown during the Minnesota Vikings 29-26 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

The Pollock native, but former Corrigan-Camden Bulldog, was on the receiving end of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's 20-yard pass into the end zone.

The tight end said the play felt just like a practice run, but it was still more than exciting to live out his dream.

"I was real excited. It was my first touchdown in the NFL. That stuff I dreamed about. That was something I wanted to do one day and I finally did it," said Ford. "I got quite a few text messages. It was more than the normal after the game and a lot of people watched it. I've been seeing posts on Facebook of people who have been congratulating me and liking my pictures. I appreciate all the support. It means a lot."

Ford is in his second season and is gradually making a name for himself on the field.

He set a career high of 66 receiving yards and finished second on the team behind Greg Jennings in targets, receptions and receiving yards.

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