NAACP Says Beating Was Police Brutality And Is Seeking Justice

The man accused of aggravated assault on a police officer after an altercation in the Nacogdoches County Jail now has the backing of the NAACP.

The organization sent out a press release stating that 29-year-old Brandon Rogers was "a battered victim of alleged police brutality and alleged misconduct of officers." Their statement goes on to say that they are seeking "total vindication of Mr. Brandon Rogers in this matter."

John Morrison of the NAACP says they know Rogers has a past of resisting arrest and other blemishes on his record, but says this isn't about his past, it's about what happened that night.

Morrison says Rogers was handcuffed and sitting in a chair when the beating happened. He says after a thorough investigation, the NAACP has found witnesses that can attest to the beating.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss and the Texas Rangers are conducting their own investigations to be presented to a grand jury next year.