East Texans holiday shopping online

East Texans holiday shopping online

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Camping, crowd rushes, and extreme traffic are all expected parts of holiday shopping this time of year. Some East Texans say they can go without the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

Expert Shopper, Lisa Weiss, said, "It just gets too crowded. It seems every year the stores offer so few of the items included in the sale that the competition to get those items has gotten tremendous."

The number of shoppers camping on their couches for the best deals is continuing to rise.

East Texans say they would like to buy more things without having to travel so far.

"There's not a lot of variety here locally, so variety. It just opens up the variety," said Weiss.

The number of online shoppers has continued to increase since 2010, and according to a study by internet retailer, around 75% of holiday shoppers will be ditching those baskets in stores, and using the buckets online.

There were many reasons for the growing popularity of online shopping.

Deals last longer online, you don't have to worry about losing your receipt in case you need to return an item, and it's easy to send gifts to family members out of town.

"We have two grand babies in Ohio, and rather than me going and buying it here and shipping it to them, it's just easier to order it online and have it directly shipped. It's faster, more convenient, and there again there's so much more to choose from when you're doing it online," said Weiss

Online shopping has already hit 2.29 billion in sales last cyber Monday, and like many other East Texans, Weiss says she won't be fighting for a parking spot this holiday season.

Shopping for gifts online allows you to compare prices without driving around town.  You can even read reviews before you decide to purchase the items.

If you haven't tried online shopping yet, you might want to pull out your laptops to avoid the traffic, and spend the extra gas money on a few more gifts.

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