A Drastic Change

by Jessica Cervantez

A living room makeover is the best Christmas present one East Texas family could receive. You have probably have seen Kathy Conley, "KTRE's Living Spaces" winner on tv.

Conley said, "I had no idea that it could look this good, it looks fantastic."

With lots of hard work and man hours, Conley said the transformation is amazing.

Conley, said, "I absolutely love our new living room it is beautiful...I just love it."

What once was a shelf is now a cabinet. What once was twenty-year-old carpet is now a hardwood floor. What once was an old fan, is now modern.

"The room is so bright and cheerful and the floor just accents everything and it really just makes everything stand out," Conley said.

For the past few weeks, workers were making cabinets, putting in new blinds, redoing the floors, installing a new ceiling fan, and much more... work that ranged up to $20-thousadnd.

"I just feel like it is very comfortable, I feel like people will feel warm and cozy when they come in here and just be able to visit and enjoy the beautifulness of the room."

Even with all the changes, Kathy was able to keep a bluebonnet painting done by her mother, and utilize some of the decorations she already had. Amazed by the new room, Kathy wants to give a big thank you.

Conley, said, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I just really appreciate it, I do feel like it is just a huge blessing."