One person anti-bullying play coming to LMS

One person anti-bullying play coming to LMS

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Middle School students will be given a chance to see the consequences of bullying during three performances of Sticks and Stones on Friday.

Sticks and Stones is a play that depicts how the culmination of the everyday drama in a kid's social life, both in school and on the Internet can have far reaching and cumulative effects.

Sticks and Stones is a musical play about friendships and the stresses that sometimes come along with having a group of odd-numbered friends with an odd girl out. It is also the story of two siblings, both targets in their own way, that provides a picture of how kids react differently to being bullied. The function of the play is to act as a mirror of social behaviors, reflecting back relevant habits and attitudes that students can identify with. The author crafted the play using bits and pieces of stories based on real events, with characters both fictional and not so fictional, and she wrote the script while working with a developmental director who guided me on that journey as a playwright. Sticks and Stones is true to life in terms of some of the petty drama that escalates into bullying and Sticks and Stones has an ending that is far from happy.

The performance is put on by Lyle Cogen, who compiled the stories from real-life events in New York City and through interviews she has done with people. Cogen said the stories are able to be used around the country with all ages because of the universal qualities of bullying.

" We all play different roles during the course of a single day, a week or a month," Cogen said. "Sometimes we feel like a victim or a target, and sometimes, we feel like we're the ones doing the pushing, and lots of times we feel like we are the bystanders. I want them to realize how easy we shift in and out of those roles."

The performance is part of the seasonal shows of the Angelina Arts Alliance.

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