Zavalla wedding has 104-year-old bridesmaid

Zavalla wedding has 104-year-old bridesmaid

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - Wedding bells rang in Zavalla on Saturday afternoon. The vow this couple made wasn't the only thing that made this ceremony unforgettable.

"That was the only thing I asked for. When we decided to get married I asked can we have the wedding close enough that she would be able to travel," said David Drawhorn.

Maggie Drawhorn, known by her grandchildren as 'Dun Dun,' is 104 years old. She wasn't a guest at the wedding, she was a bridesmaid.

"Eighteen or nineteen years ago, I expected him to do this," said Dun Dun.

Dun Dun is the grooms grandmother. She says she's been waiting far too long for this moment.

"She said I wish you had someone to love you. I said well I'm fine. I've been single all my life. She said well I do. Within sixty days I met this one," said the groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Drawhorn live in Austin, but agreed to have their wedding in Zavalla just so Dun Dun could hold this bouquet of chrysanthemums and be part of their special day.

"I told her that I was going to take care of him, so I have to take care of him," said Mrs. Drawhorn.

Generations were there to see not only a wedding, but a bridesmaid who could very well be the oldest in history. The newlyweds credit Dun Dun for their harmony.

Dun Dun said she was proud to see her grandson jump the broom, and she had been waiting on this moment too long to sit there and cry.

"I went back to her and I told her your wish came true, the good Lord was listening," said the groom.

Dun Dun didn't end her night after the wedding. She told her family she wasn't tired, and headed to the reception.

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