Hudson Volunteer Fire Department giving away smoke detectors

Hudson Volunteer Fire Department giving away smoke detectors

The Hudson Volunteer Fire Department recently started an initiative to install smoke detectors in resident homes.

It all started after a smoke detector saved one of the department's family. About two years ago, Hudson Volunteer Firefighter Willie Thomas lost his house in a fire. He said luckily it was just his house.

"If it wasn't for a smoke alarm, I wouldn't have my wife and two kids," said Willie Thomas.

Willie's wife Pam said she couldn't believe it happened to her.

"We were all asleep in the house and my husband was at work," said Pam. "The smoke detector woke me up around 1 a.m., I wouldn't have woken up because I couldn't smell the smoke or see the flames."

Pam said she instantly knew something was wrong, so she went to wake up her kids. Her son, 13-year-old Hunter Thomas, said the whole thing was pretty scary.

"I was laying here and all of a sudden my mom started screaming 'Fire' and 'Get out of the house,'" said Hunter.

The Thomas family made it out of their house safely. They said the smoke detector saved their lives.

Soon after, they were shocked when they learned that several of their neighbors didn't have the life saving device in their homes.

"Hunter came home from school one day and told me that his teacher asked his class how many kids had smoke detectors in their house and only three raised their hands," Willie said.

Willie told his department, and together they decided to change that.

"We started a smoke detector program." Willie said. "You can schedule an appointment and we will come hang them up free of cost," he adds.

It took the Thomas family over a year to build repair their house.

"In every room, we have a smoke detector. We even have one even in the hallway but it's worth it," Pam said.

Willie says about 95 percent of house fires they have seen in the last few years were in homes that did not have smoke detectors. If you would like more information, you can contact Willie Thomas at 936-366-6860

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