'The Hope Project' in Tenaha offers free counseling services to veterans

'The Hope Project' in Tenaha offers free counseling services to veterans

A Shelby County non-profit organization is showing their commitment to those who have served our country by offering free counseling.

The East Texas News learned that providing veterans with much needed resources is a priority for The Hope Project.

Jean Diebolt is a Vietnam veteran as well as the founder of  The Hope Project in Tenaha. She shaped the non-profit clinic around her commitment to providing services to our country's veterans.

"Our chief operating officer is a retired colonel from the Air Force and she thinks a lot about veterans issues," said Richard Burnett, a licensed counselor at The Hope Center.

The Hope Project offers free counseling services to all service men and women.

"We wanted to see what we could do, we offer free services for veterans,"

Burnett said.

Burnett said there aren't a lot of resources for veterans in East Texas and that is what motivated them to offer counseling.

"This is just one of the areas that people weren't receiving a lot of treatment," Burnett said.
"Basically we just try to find out what's bothering them because it could be just anything."

Burnett said it's often hard to get veterans to come and talk about their PTSD or other issues they might be facing but coming in is the first step.

"I think more people could come in. Part of getting them to come is they've got to talk about it. That's part of the thing about post-traumatic stress disorder is that people don't want to talk about it," Burnett said.
"One of the latest theories is that people don't really know how to talk to themselves about trauma that they've seen and coming into therapy and talking about it and talking about it is kind of where you learn to talk to yourself about it"

Burnett said veterans can come and talk about anything from deployment issues to family problems as well as any other situations that might be causing stress in their life.

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