Lufkin, Longview rivalry resumes second time this season for the bi-district playoff round

Lufkin, Longview rivalry resumes second time this season for the bi-district playoff round

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's a rivalry that never gets old, even if the two teams have already met once this season.

The Lufkin Panthers opened their season against the Longview Lobos and now are facing them in the bi-district round of the playoffs.

Lufkin beat Longview in their first meeting this season, but the Panthers may want to watch their back this second time around.

"It's definitely on our minds. We want to avenge the loss," said Longview linebacker Jaylon Jackson. "Lufkin is a long-time rival. We don't like losing period, but especially to Lufkin."

The Panthers didn't just beat the Lobos, they crushed them after tallying up 44 points on the board and holding Longview to just 14.

"First of all, we got to stop the running game. They have a great offensive line and very solid running back," said Jackson. "We got to stop Keke Coutee, a slot receiver, playmaker, he's dynamic in punt returns for touchdowns, we just got to slow him down, stop the running game and we'll be fine."

The Lobos said they are healthier than ever and have players back they didn't have the first time around, including their running back Jamycal Hasty.

"We know we're a totally different team and we know that we have the capability to beat them this time around," said Jackson. "We know we got all our players back, our defense is sound, our offense is sound, and we're just ready to get another shot at them."

"They are a different team, and we're a totally different team to," said Lufkin defensive tackle Tyrique Spencer. "They got their running back Hasty back and they switched a couple things on the offensive line."

"They've gotten better and they'll probably give us a run for our money. We'll be prepared," said Lufkin wide receiver Keke Coutee.

The Lobos perfect 7-0 record in district might be intimidating for some teams, but not for the Panthers when they compare their district opponents to those Longview faced.

"I feel like we had one of the hardest districts in the state and they had one of the easiest ones. We'll see how everything goes," said Coutee.

"Their district was easier than ours and when it comes down to it in the fourth quarter, if we're in a grinding game, they're not going to be able to grind it out. We're going to come out on top," said Spencer.

Only one team will end their season with the same opponent they started their season with.

"They're just a team in the way of our dreams," said Longview quarterback Desmond Chumley.

"We're looking to go all the way," said Spencer.

This game is set to be played at Tyler's TMF Rose Stadium, starting at 7:30 p.m. Friday night.

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