Day After Christmas Shopping

Some say that next to the day after Thanksgiving, the day after Christmas is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Shoppers flocked to local stores Sunday, looking not only for what they didn't get for Christmas, but also for a bargain. Most shoppers we spoke with said their reason for coming out is to prepare for next year by taking advantage of reduced price decorations and wrapping paper.

While some shoppers seemed frustrated about the long lines at the checkout, most understood how busy the shopping day would be.

In addition to the all of the shopping people were doing, many people were also returning. And the busiest place at many stores was the customer service counter.

There are many reasons for a return.

Jayne Lowe, an employee at Target said, "Santa Clause brought two of the same thing to some people. Some items that don't fit, they don't like the color, or some items that didn't work properly."

Most customers seem to know the routine after visiting the counter so often.

One customer said, "usually after birthday and after Christmas."

"Every year, and we have to go to two different stores," said another.

But every year, there are those that go to the counter and walk away frustrated because they can't return the item or exchange. Many times it's because they don't have what they need.

Jayne said, "have a receipt or a gift receipt by the giver. We can process that transaction very quickly, makes it very easy."

Those that were prepared made it in and out in a flash, those that weren't were either stuck with the gift they didn't want, or could trade it for a similar item.

Jayne said, "save that receipt. That's the key."

Most of the time there's really no hurry to take care of a return. With most stores, you have 90 days for a return or exchange, so take your time. It doesn't all have to be done before the new year.