Recycling Christmas

Angelina Beautiful Clean wants to know what you're doing with all those Christmas cards you have acquired this holiday season.

If you just plan on throwing them away, don't. Recycle them through Angelina Beautiful Clean's card recycling program. Organizers of the recycling program say it helps cut down the waste that would otherwise clutter up the landfill.

Krista Cloonan, Executive Director of Angelina Beautiful Clean said, "last year we collected 30,000 Christmas cards just from our area so that shows you the impact the number of cards that would otherwise just go in the landfill and take up space."

Card drop off locations include the Lufkin Randall's, the Hallmark store in the Lufkin Mall, and at Lufkin's Chamber of Commerce.

As for the Christmas trees, Angelina Beautiful Clean will not be hosting a recycling day. Instead you can just take it to the curb. The City of Lufkin will pick up trees curbside this year, and take them to be recycled.

If you live out of the city limits, you can still drop off your tree at the recycling center. The trees will be chopped up and used for mulch.