Lufkin prepares gardens for winter

Lufkin prepares gardens for winter

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When you think Texas, you might think hot. Just a little frost this winter could be the end of that garden in your backyard.

"It gets cold enough to kill plants, yes. If it gets below ten degrees plants are usually gone if they stay there for two or three days," said  Fred Walker, a former Lufkin plant nursery worker.

Walker is already preparing his garden for the cold fronts sneaking through East Texas.

"We were able to protect our plants through the winter time by putting the tender plants in the green house and protecting them through the winter," Walker said.

His first tip to gardeners was to save their plants by taking them into a greenhouse. Walker brought his pineapples, bananas, and jalapenos out of the biting wind today into a much warmer space.

He also says you should identify your plants. This makes you aware of what to expect from each section of your garden.

"If they're annual, they die, and they do not come back. Sometimes, some will recede. If they're perennial, they die to the ground and come back next year," Walker said.

Walker says you can also protect your plants by putting plastic over them and nailing the plastic to the ground to prevent the plastic from moving. These lessons were learned years ago from a personal loss.

"In 1983, it [winter] killed everything. We were not aware of the damage it could do on plants. The next spring you couldn't find any plants to buy because they had froze all over the South!" Walker said.

For those who garden as a hobby, the winter doesn't have to stop all your sprouts.

Walker says you need to protect most of your plants , but some like turnip greens flourish in cold weather.

Greens and petunias are some of the plants to satisfy your green thumbs until spring comes back around.

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