Pony express

When you think of the tiny town of San Augustine, you may not think of a global company. But one cookie business is turning into one, as they've picked up new partners and boosted the economy by taking on new employees. Maleeha Kamal gives you their secret at 5.

If you are subscribed to our breaking news alerts, you've heard about the fire in Angelina County which has left a man with serious burns. At 6, Blair Ledet updates you on this story and shows you what kind of damage the fire caused.

Thanks to cable TV, home cooking is all the rage. And as Donna McCollum found out today, it's affecting the human sciences program at SFA, where a new culinary facility is what Donna visited today. She has that story at 6.

Many landowners are concerned about their water rights. What government can do to what's flowing through their land and feeding their livestock. At 10, Caleb Beames explains how lawmakers in Angelina County are also concerned.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor