Restaurant Report - 11/13/14 - Nacogdoches County

La Braza, 3724 South St.: 20 demerits for keep cooler clean, need back flow preventer, keep handwash sink clear, weatherproof back door, haul off old drinks in outside small garbage can, keep microwave clean and sanitary, keep dumpster lid closed, pick up scattered trash behind dumpster, keep vents clean, keep vent hood clean, repair walls in kitchen, haul off unused equipment, repair or replace ceiling tiles.

La Carreta, 300 North St.: 13 demerits for old lemon and dented rusted can of spaghetti sauce needs to be discarded, keep utensils out of handwash sink, keep access unimpeded, recalibrate two thermometers, discarded several damaged and rusted knives, keep vents clean, keep dumpster lids closed, keep back door closed.

Peking, 3103 North St.: 11 demerits for employees in food areas need lid and straw for employee drinks, back flow preventer needed for hose, keep ice scoop in clean container.

Nijaya, 4919 North St. Suite #104: 10 demerits for keep boxes of foods stored properly, re-label toxic item spray bottle, provide thermometers for cooks and all coolers and freezers.

Kroger Baker and Deli, 3205 N. University Drive: Seven demerits for discarded one potato salad container, re-clean and re-sanitize one knife.

Dairy Queen, 3226 South St.: Seven demerits for discarded one open milk in freezer, ink pen left in ice cream freezer, provide visible thermometers for all coolers and freezers, keep floor drains clean, weatherproof all entries and exits.

Panda Cafe, 1224 North St.: Seven demerits for need to adjust water pressure on handwash sink and inadequate handwash sink.

Kinfolk's, 4817 Northwest Stallings Drive: Six demerits for need paper towels for handwash sink and replace on knife.

Butcher Boys, 603 North St.: Six demerits for keep handwash sink empty and provide thermometer for freezer.

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