COPY-Some vanity plates too personal

The cold seems to have settled in for a while.  Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Cedric Haynes knows you're interested in just how long it plans to stick around or if it's going to get any colder.  He'll let you know when he presents your brand new forecast tonight at 10.

Sometimes, personalized license plates can be really cool.  They can be a lot of fun to try to decipher.  The state says the ones you see are the ones that made it through the approval process.  Come to find out, not all of the requests are quite so innocent or light-hearted.  Lane Luckie has been looking into the work done to keep 'questionable' plates off of the road.  He'll tell you all about it in a special report at 10.

And just in time for the weekend, we have a new Restaurant Report for you.  Bob Hallmark has a list of the 8 East Texas eateries inspectors say really impressed them on their latest round of inspections.